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Through our network of medical slimming clinics in Australia, Nature's Way has been able to provide a link between traditional Western Medicine and Natural Medicine using natural remedies, acupuncture both laser and needle for pain management and managing ill health through a holistic approach that incorporates diet, allergy assessment and psychological needs where that is necessary.

We developed Laminaria Extract pills in 1996 after 5 years of extensive research into finding a natural product that promoted weight loss. After 18 months of testing we launched the pills in June 1997. Originally our pills could only be purchased by members of the diet clinics and a 1 month course was $350, many times the cost now.

Word quickly spread about how successful our pills were and due to world-wide demand we established a web site in 1998 and distribution center so that anyone could buy our pills and more importantly afford and benefit from them. Since then we have launched an on-line diet clinic and given everyone who purchases our pills free access to The Mary Hart Weight Management and Lifestyle programs - incorporating Laminaria Extract, long term eating strategies, and lifestyle changes that are for LIFE!

For further information about our clinics use the contact us link.

Laminaria is all natural, it's natures answer to losing weight. Laminaria Extract is exclusive to us and can be bought directly from this site for delivery anywhere in the world

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